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Böngésszen az Enterprise Europe Network aktuális üzleti ajánlatai között!

Az alábbiakban az Enterprise Europe Network adatbázisában szereplő üzleti ajánlatok olvashatók országok szerint csoportosítva. Amennyiben valamelyik ajánlat felkeltette érdeklődését, további iformációért forduljon kollégáinkhoz az een@gymskik.hu e-mail címen vagy a 06 96 520 290-es telefonszámon.

A lentieken túl további üzleti ajánlatok az alábbi oldalon elérhetők:



Személyre szabott hírlevélre feliratkozás:




German company specialised in orthopaedic footwear and orthopaedics technology is looking for new suppliers for foot impression foam material

A German company active in the field of orthopaedic footwear and orthopaedics technology has launched a new device for rapidly creating tailor-made shoe or orthopaedic lasts. The company is now looking for new suppliers for foot impression foam for this particular device. The company is looking for a long-term partnership in form of a manufacturing agreement.

Reference: BRDE20180829001


German mechanical engineering company is looking for supplies and offers subcontracting agreements

A German company from the mechanical engineering industry is looking for new partners abroad for supplies and offers subcontracting agreements. The company is already engaged in international co- operation.

Reference: BRDE20180925001


German sales agency offers representation for packaging products on the basis of commercial agency agreements

A German sales agency is specialised in sales of packaging products. They have deep knowledge of the markets in Germany, Austria and Benelux and are established in many sectors. The company is looking for European partners interested in commercial agency agreements. Potential partners are manufacturers of packaging products. In addition to sales promotion the agency can provide marketing activities.

Reference BRDE20180301001


A German start-up company and retailer of personal hygiene, body care products and cosmetics is looking for raw materials from Europe within distribution agreements.

A German start-up company, specialised in retailing and formulations elaboration for personal hygiene, body care and cosmetics industry is looking for suppliers of raw materials in Europe. Pigments, UV filters or commonly used actives are looked for. Long-term agreements with manufacturers are preferred, in order to provide a service bridge to industrial end-user clients in the Middle or Near East. Exclusive distribution services agreements or commercial agency agreements are sought.

Reference BRDE20180906001


German software developing company needs cooperation partners for outsourcing or services agreement

A German SME, which is active in developing mobile industrial software applications, in digitalisation solutions and in optimising workflows, is looking for cooperation partners based on an outsourcing or a services agreement. Currently, the company acts mainly on the German and European market and intends to expand its foreign business.

Reference BRDE20180823001


A German company, specialised in sales and engineering in the automotive sector, is acting as a salesagency. They are looking for manufacturers and suppliers (principals) to the automotive industry under a commercial agency agreement.

A German established sales agency represents suppliers to the automotive OEM, 1st and 2nd tiers. They request manufacturers of seat structures, stampings, synthetic greases or rubber, large plastic parts and other products interested in a commercial agency agreement.

Reference BRDE20180828001




French distributor specialized in food packaging seeks European suppliers of plastic yoghurt pots, cream jars and aluminum lids

A French company specialized in food packaging imports and distributes plastic yoghurt pots to French farmers and dairies. It also sells plastic pots for cream and cream cheese. They are looking for new suppliers in Europe, able to produce between 30 -70 million pots per year with aluminum lids under a manufacturing agreement.

Reference: BRFR20180823001


French company is looking for subcontractor to produce paste of meat and/or seafood protein hydrolysates

A French industrial company is specialised in the production of protein based ingredients for agrofood sector. In order to increase their capacity production of natural food ingredients, the SME is looking for a partner specialised in biotechnologies and equipped with enzymatic process of protein extraction from by-products. The partner should have large capacity of production and an easy access to meat and/or seafood by-products. A subcontracting agreement is sought with a long-term partner.

Reference: BRFR20180514001


French company is looking for manufacturers for bags for on-the-go parents

French company specialized in designing and selling bags and accessories that suit the look and active lifestyle of on-the-go parents is looking for European manufacturers for its bags.

Reference: BRFR20181012001


French shipyard is looking for subcontractors from Eastern Europe

A French shipyard company producing racing and cruising sailboats is looking for subcontracting the production of one of its models. The product is a multi awarded sailboat of 10 m in length. The company is looking for a subcontracting partner specialized in the realization of parts in composite materials and established in Eastern Europe. The partner must ensure a production of 1 boat permonth.

Reference: BRFR20180927001


French distributor of industrial pumps wants to extend his product range with new pumps, filtration systems, blowers… used in industrial processes

French company active in vacuum pumps distribution is looking for new pumps used in several industrial processes to extend its products portfolio. Manufacturers of vacuum pumps, filtration systems, blowers for the environment, chemical, food, packaging and other industries are sought for distribution agreements.

Reference BRFR20180919001


French SME active in sports and leisure products looking for digital marketing competence under a services agreement

A French SME specialised in the design and making of sports and leisure equipment has developed a new artificial no-cold zero energy ski-track. The system is fully environmentally friendly. The company is willing to use new methods of commercialisation and promotion using web marketing. For this purpose they are looking for partners specialized in digital marketing strategy and set up targeting public or private investors through a services agreement.

Reference BRFR20180824001


French company is looking for manufacturers of industrial ovens for food industry

A French company, specialized in the conception of automatic lines for industrial bakery, is looking for a manufacturing partner. The sought partner will have to produce ovens, modular or convection ones, under French specifications. The partner should be specialized in metallic construction and electromechanical assembly. Manufacturing agreement is sought for a long-term partnership.

Reference BRFR20181002001


French company is looking for manufacturer of modular vertical systems for food industry

A French company, active in designing food industry’s equipment, is looking for a manufacturing partner. The partner will have to produce complete modular vertical systems under French specifications. The partner should be specialized in metallic construction and electromechanical assembly. Manufacturing agreement is sought for a long-term partnership.

Reference BRFR20180921001



UK Utilities company seeks water treatment solutions providers to collaborate with through services agreement

The UK utilities company is seeking innovative solutions to water treatment that will help them to become more competitive. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: feed forward control, online real time water quality instrumentation, invasive species management e.g. zebra mussels, zooplankton management and management of iron level in networks. They are keen to incubate businesses and collaborate through services agreement

Reference: BRUK20180927001


UK Medical diagnostics company seeks partners to supply medical testing kits to complement their existing range for supply to the second and third world for a distribution services agreement

A UK medical diagnostics company providing a wide range of medical diagnostic reagents, test kits, microbiology media, EIA (Enzyme Immuno Assay) tests, rapid tests, glass vials/ bottles, dropper/pipette assemblies which has an established worldwide market seek partners who would benefit from their marketing manufacturing, packaging and distribution ability in over 100 countries and are able to supply new technology to complement the existing range for a distribution services agreement.

Reference BRUK20181011001


UK-based company looking for a manufacturer of innovative stainless steel bowl

A fast growing, multi-award winning London design brand is seeking a manufacturer of exceptional quality for its sculptural stainless steel bowl. The London-based SME is looking to sign a manufacturing agreement with companies that deliver remarkable quality stainless steel.

Reference BRUK20180917001


Diamond-plating subcontractor sought by UK manufacturer

The UK company is a long-established manufacturer of high quality knives and knife sharpening steels, for professional use. The company is looking for an experienced partner to apply diamond particles (25-30 microns) onto its sharpening steel rods, under a subcontracting agreement.

Reference BRUK20180917002


UK company designing breastfeeding tops is looking for clothing manufacturer to produce long sleeved teeshirts.

A specialist South East UK SME has designed a tee-shirt with hidden zips at the side to allow easy access for breastfeeding. They are currently looking for a new manufacturer for their tops that have hidden zips on each side. The premium cotton product was launched in 2016 and has been selling successfully gaining many testimonials as to the quality and design. The company would like to make an outsourcing agreement with a company that can meet the required 4-6 week lead time for supply.

Reference BRUK20181004001



Chinese CNC Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Company looks for European Suppliers to Import their Products

A Chinese company focusing on CNC)computerized numerical control) equipment R&D and manufacturing is looking for a supplier in Europe to import its high-end CNC machine parts. The qualified partners should have expertise in high precision machinery parts manufacturing. This company might established distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement or outsourcing agreement with the qualified European partner.

Reference: BRCN20180530001


Chinese company seeks large equipment manufacturers for carbonization of agricultural waste

A Chinese company is looking for large equipment manufacturers in Europe, that can product a biochar system using 10 - 40,000 tons per year of straw or other agricultural waste. They are looking to buy the system for use in China under a manufacturing agreement.

Reference: BRCN20180906001




Macedonian manufacturer for machine parts, tools and services is looking for suppliers of raw materials

A Macedonia based producer of high quality machine parts, tools and services is looking for foreign suppliers of raw materials for production of metals, rods and profiles.

Reference: BRMK20180815001



A municipal cooperative from central Poland is looking for producers of healthy, organic food to cooperate on the basis of a distribution agreement

The municipal cooperative from central Poland offers distribution cooperation, therefore they are looking for producers of healthy, organic food, bio, vegetarian, vegan products etc. in all EU countries. The cooperative wants to distribute healthy food in its own five retail outlets in the central region of Poland.

Reference: BRPL20180831001


Polish online shop is looking for producers of scented candles under adistribution agreement

A Polish SME specialized in consumer and food products is looking to expand its portfolio with scented candles. The SME is running a B2C webshop in order to market these kind of products. The company is looking for distribution services agreement with manufacturers of scented candles.

Reference BRPL20180910001



Fresh meat and processed meat distribution company is looking for chilled and frozen meat and various frozen food to distribute

Qatari fresh meat and processed meat distribution company with the mission to be one of the leading companies in the market works closely with their clients to build a solid brand name via their network and services. They are specialized in HoReCa channel and the retail sector as hypermarkets, supermarkets, airport services, airlines, governmental gas stations, high-class restaurants & hotels. The company is looking for international distribution service to widen its range of distributed product

Reference: BRQA20180916001




Ukrainian company dedicated to the distribution of products to the supermarket chains is looking for European companies and food producers interested in entering the Ukrainian market

Ukrainian company actively works with the largest Ukrainian supermarkets and e-commerce marketplaces and it is looking for EU producers of food and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) that want to enter their products to the Ukrainian market. The company is looking for business partners and offers itself as a distributor or agent. Due to the fact that the company has long and rich experience in the distribution process, it can, therefore, offer cooperation at a high level.

Reference: BRUA20180929001


A Ukrainian berry growing company is looking for a professional consultant or an engineering services provider to design farming yards near its berryproducing fields under the services agreement

The Ukrainian berry growing company is looking for a professional consultant or an engineering services provider to design farming yards near its berry-producing fields under the services agreement. The company uses progressive planting techniques, proper growth, and care methods. It strictly complies with the provisions of national legislation and cultivates high work ethics.

Reference BRUA20180815001



Slovenian company is searching for supplier of all kind of timber and wooden boards for the construction and joinery industry, also looking for supplier of fire wood.

Slovenian company offers a wide range of timber and other products for construction and joinery (timber, wooden boards, firewood etc.), as well as joinery related services to their customers. The company is searching for suppliers of all kind of wood and other products related to that sector. Distribution services agreement will be signed with the supplier.

Reference: BRSI20180830001


Slovenian producer of dairy products is seeking suppliers of packaging (cups, pots, bottles)

Slovenian producer of dairy products is seeking reliable suppliers for two types of packaging. They look for economy packaging and environmentally friendly packaging. Partner should be from EU. Distribution services agreement and/or manufacturing agreement will be signed.

Reference: BRSI20180910001



A Greek cable tie manufacturer seeks producers of polyamide under a manufacturing agreement

A Greek SME specialized in cable ties seeks producers of polyamide 66 in Europe. The Greek company seeks potential partners operate in the field of the plastic industry and have the knowledge to produce polyamide 66 that is used for the production of cable ties. They request a collaboration in the framework of a manufacturing agreement

Reference: BRGR20180802001


Greek company based on Crete seeks for manufactures of innovative irrigation products in order to distribute them in South Greece.

The Greek company is established on the island of Crete and is specialized in trade of farm tractors, agricultural machinery and supplies, gardening tools, irrigation systems, air-conditioners and sanitary ware. The company is seeking for smart irrigation systems and innovative irrigation technologies for open field and green houses. Cooperation in form of a commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement is envisaged.

Reference BRGR20180903001


Greek manufacturer of hand-made jams, juices and fruit sweets in syrup is looking for glass bottles and jars manufacturers.

A Greek family company, specialized in the hand-made production of jams, juices and fruit sweets insyrup is looking for manufacturers of glass bottles and jars for its products. The bottles should come in two sizes: 500ml and 1lt while the jars must be produced in a size between 300 and 400gr.

Reference BRGR20181015001



Russian company is looking for a web design company under services agreement.

A company from Russia specialized in the production and processing of fish. The company is interested in finding a partner to develop websites under services agreement.

Reference: BRRU20171221028


Russian company seeks agency to create a design for new product line

A Russian company manufacturing products including felt boots and wool mittens and socks seeks a design agency to create a design for a new product line under a services agreement.

Reference: BRRU20171221032



Singapore-based wine distributor and consultant seeking to procure wine via distribution service agreement(s).

The Singapore company, established in 2015 specializes in procuring and supplying of high quality wine globally as well as providing customers with wine consultation services that caters to the customers’ needs. The company is sourcing wine from Europe and is actively looking for partners that produces wine for distribution in the Singapore and South East Asian market.

Reference: BRSG20181005001



Spanish wood pellet dealer seeks new suppliers of wood pellets

A Spanish wood pellet dealer seeks to reach distribution agreements with EnPlus pellet manufacturers from anywhere in the world and preferably from Europe to supply their customers, worldwide. The company is selling different product lines in different countries all around Europe including for boilers and for pet litter.

Reference:  BRES20180801001



Danish company seeks supplier of organic nuts

A Danish importer and retail company that specialises in organic foods is looking for producers of organic nuts to act as a distributor on their behalf on the Danish market - selling both, other brands and private label. Specifically, the company is looking for certified organic only almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, macadamias, pistachios and pecan nuts.

Reference BRDK20181004001



Romanian company is looking for producer/supplier of nuts, seeds and dried fruits

Romanian company located in Transylvania, having as main activity the import-export of raw materials and seeds, is looking for partners under distribution services agreement. The potential partner should be able to provide a wide range of products used in food industry such as: virgin bio coconut oil, conventional RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized) coconut oil, nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Reference BRRO20181004001


Romanian company seeks dried fruit suppliers to conclude distribution agreements

A Romanian company specialises in dried fruit and coffee wholesale and retail. The company is interested in concluding long term partnerships with dried fruit distributors. Cooperation with the partners identified will be based on distribution services agreements.

Reference BRRO20180831001



A Swedish company producing organic lemonade is looking for manufacturers of their Bag-in-box packaging.

A Swedish company producing organic lemonade in three different flavours is looking for a manufacturer who can supply them with Bag-in-box packaging. They are looking to enter into a manufacturing agreement and would like to build a long-term relationship.

Reference BRSE20181010001


Swedish startup is looking for manufacturer of nylon stockings

A Swedish startup, based in Stockholm, has developed a portfolio of unique and colorful nylon stockings with symbols and patterns. They are planning to sell the stockings through an online eshop and at home parties, and are now looking for factories to conclude a manufacturing agreement.

Reference BRSE20180815001



A Turkish SME is looking for manufacturing agreement on coating equipment for solar panels

A Turkish start-up focusing on development of innovative solar panels is looking for manufacturing agreement with gravure coating equipment manufacturers. The company is willing to puchase one unit of equipment for its R&D facility and is open to manufacturing agreements for further collaboration.

Reference BRTR20180703001



Montenegro company offers distribution of art materials

A Montenegrin company distributor of art material: frames, brushes, vanishes, canvasses, watercolours, acrylics, oils, and other products is offering their services as distributor.

Reference BRME20180903001



A Belgian SME active in the field of flexoprinting is looking for producers or suppliers of flexographic inks interested in a commercial agency or a distribution agreement.

The Belgian company specialised in cleaners for the flexoprinting market wants to expand its product range by concluding a commercial agency or distribution agreement with a supplier of flexographic inks.

Reference BRBE20180817001





Irish company seeking partners for manufacturing agreement for branded eco-friendly packaging solutions

Fast growing online retail company from Ireland is seeking a manufacturing agreement in order to find new and cost effective branded eco-friendly packaging solutions for its novelty subscription boxes.

Reference BRIE20180711001





Dutch wholesaler in wooden toys and school furniture seeks suppliers of new products

A Dutch company is a renowned wholesaler of different brands of wooden toys and school furniture in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. To enrich their portfolio the company is looking for new suppliers offering high quality products that fit in an educational setting and support children to develop their physical or social skills while playing. The proposed type of collaboration is a distribution services agreement.

Reference BRNL20180906001



A Taiwanese recycling company is seeking clean postindustrial and/or post-consumer plastic and rubber waste suppliers from Europe, the United States, and Japan, within the terms of a manufacturing agreement

A Taiwanese recycling company seeks partners who can supply clean plastic resins and rubbers derived from post-industrial and post-consumer product wastes. Cooperation is to be based on a manufacturing agreement. Both the Taiwanese company and partnering sides shall comply with relevant import/ export regulations. The ideal partnering countries are Europe (especially Germany), the United States, and Japan.

Reference BRTW20180830001


A Taiwanese SME urgently seeks a supplier of infant products (0-1 year old babies) from Europe and the United States under distribution services agreements

A Taiwanese importer is looking for infant product suppliers or exporters from Europe and the United States. The ideal partner shall cooperate with them to import various infant products depending on the requests. The Taiwanese SME also hopes to find a new partner who can supply the company with plastic hopping horses suitable for children’s playgrounds. The cooperation is expected to concluded a distribution services agreement.

Reference BRTW20180704001


Taiwanese company specialising in food trade seeks cuisine soy cream suppliers from Europe under a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement

A Taiwanese company specialises in exquisite fine cuisine and pastry trading. The company would like to identify new European business partners who can provide cuisine soy cream to add its company’s categories and serve both existing and potential customers. The product will be primarily made of soybean, and will be vegetarian friendly, dairy and gluten free. The cooperation is to be based on a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement.

Reference BRTW20180821001